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Style trend


The soft wash blue in the 10/11 autumn and winter color trend forecast constitutes the primary color of this trend.

The revival of the collage first appeared on the streets of Tokyo in the early part of the year. Some of the girls here decorated the collage on lace knit cardigans and socks, which is the best source of inspiration for pajamas and home furnishings. From the hand quilting, you can find the creative pattern of the collage, while the silhouette is a vintage folk style blouse.

Faded ink blue appears on retro white cotton cloth in an uneven checkerboard style collage.

The partial collage combined with the monochromatic fabric adds pattern detail and creates a star pattern to create a folk flavor.

Challenged traditional square tile patterns with lapped ring tiles, and splicing adds comfort to winter clothing.

Use a cream lace knit fabric to match the light blue collage garments inside.

People use the subtle changes in the color of the Breeze blue to create a refined and simple collage effect.


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