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Split suit


The biggest advantage of split pajamas is that they are comfortable to wear and easy to move. Most women at home are willing to choose this style of pajamas.

The style of the split pajamas is mainly reflected in the change of the collar type. The small suit collar top is the most common type of collar, loose design, two large pockets fully reflect the practical value.

Another beauty of the suit lapels is to expose the woman's neck so that the woman at home can renovate the neck. Easy to clean, eliminating the disadvantages of wearing a pullover.

In addition to the small west lapel style, the lapel shirt style is also the most common. Lapel pajamas add flexibility to the neck. The buttons on the neck can be attached or untied, and they are casual and ingenious.

Especially in order to cooperate with the Year of the Dragon, some brands have drawn the pattern of dragon and phoenix in the front of the top, and incorporated the charm of national culture into the costumes.


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