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Choose the right pajamas


Among the pajamas brand categories, there are two popular ones: silk pajamas and cotton pajamas.

1. Silk pajamas are smooth and soft, which can produce a subtle massage effect on the skin, absorb and help to eliminate sweat and secretions on the skin, and keep the skin clean. Threonine and silk acid ester contained in silk can improve blood circulation, enhance the vitality of epidermal cells, prevent skin aging, and effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from harming human skin;

2. Cotton pajamas have strong moisture absorption, can absorb the sweat on the skin very well, and are soft and breathable. It can reduce skin irritation and avoid allergies and itching. Therefore, this kind of clothing is most comfortable to wear. . .

Pajama color selection

In terms of color, most consumers will choose a lighter and lighter color. This color is suitable for both family wear and youthfulness. Bright and bright pajamas can affect people's mood. Affect the rest.

Therefore, the color of the pajamas is preferably selected from various pinks such as pink, pinkish green, pinkish yellow and beige.

Pajama style

In the choice of pajamas, pick the back and front of the pajamas, there should be ample width, the style should choose to open. Because of the tightness of the chest, abdomen and back, it will be a nightmare of terror.

In addition, pajamas should be easy to wear, easy to take off and easy to wash, and fabrics are diversified. Various fabrics with soft texture, breathable, smooth and smooth, easy to absorb sweat, and elegant colors, such as brocade, printed Fuchun, silk cover cotton and other fabrics, are favored by young people.


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